RAPID 2016: EnvisionTEC launches Industrial Grade Composites Printer

Guest: Al Siblani, CEO and Founder, EnvisionTEC. Interviewed by Sarah A. Webster, Editor in Chief, Advanced Manufacturing Media.

EnvisionTEC, a leading global manufacturer of professional grade 3D printing solutions headquartered in Dearborn, MI, and Gladbeck, Germany, has developed an all-new additive manufacturing technology to build composites. The SLCOM will be revealed for the first time at RAPID 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Read more about EnvisionTEC at AdvancedManufacturing.org.

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Former Ford Executive: The Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Guest: John Fleming Executive Vice President Global Manufacturing & Labor Affairs (Retired), Ford Motor Co., interviewed by Executive Editor James D. Sawyer

John Fleming began his career as an apprentice and concluded it as Ford’s VP of Global Manufacturing, and talks about his involvement with Industry 4.0. Many in his position would reminisce about the past, Fleming, though is using his vast manufacturing knowledge to help others look ahead in his position as a director and advisor to SME’s Smart Manufacturing Seminar Series.

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Profiling & Connecting Equipment, People Worldwide

Guest: Antoine Bisson, co-founder and chief technical  officer of Poka Inc. Interviewed by Smart Manufacturing magazine Editor Brett Brune.

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Antoine Bisson about the “social industrial platform” he and a friend created to make training in manufacturing as easy as watching YouTube. It’s all about avoiding mistakes and downtime. (We threw in a little Japanese lesson, too.)

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Where Does The American Machine Tool Industry Stand Today?

Guest: Al Albrecht, Author of  “The American Machine Tool Industry.” Interviewed by Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster.

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Al Abrecht, the author of the book, “The American Machine Tool Industry – It’s History, Growth, Restructuring & Recovery.” The 91-year-old, who retired from a long career in the machine tool industry, gives his observations about the industry and where it’s headed now. Albrecht last served as the Vice President of Textron’s Machine Tool Division in Cheshire, CT, and has an engineering degree from The Ohio State University.

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What is MTConnect and Why You Need to Know

Guest:  Neil Desrosiers, Applications Engineer and Developer, Mazak. Interviewed by Senior Editor James Lorincz.

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Neil Derosiers of Mazak about the coming digital manufacturing revolution in advance of the MC2 conference to be held April 19-21 in Dallas, Texas. Where is this Internet of Things headed and is anybody really exempt from the future of manufacturing?

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How Digital Technologies are Driving a New Era of Productivity

Guest: Mohamed Abuali, CEO Forcam, Inc. Interviewed by Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak.

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Mohamed Abuali about Forcam’s technology for promoting a digital manufacturing future, and why small and medium manufacturers need to learn more about the available technology and how it can improve their competitiveness.

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The SME Education Foundation: Rebuilding the Workforce Pipeline

Guest: Brian Glowiak, SME Education Foundation. Interviewed by Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Brian Glowiak, Director of the SME Education Foundation, about the need for a skilled workforce in manufacturing, and how SME and its longstanding foundation is actively working to fill the pipeline of skilled manufacturing workers through its Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education (PRIME) program and other outreach efforts.

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How Clean is the Air in Your Manufacturing Facility?

Guest: Jim Reid, General Manager, Robovent. Interviewed by Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Jim Reid, General Manager and Co-Owner of RoboVent, about the company’s new Clean Air Educational Initiative. Clean air in manufacturing facilities is important to keeping employees happy and productive, and Reid talks about how RoboVent has helped to simplify the process of achieving truly clean air that meets regulations and keeps employees healthy.

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How is ToolingU-SME Helping Develop the Manufacturing Workforce?

Guest: Jeannine Kunz, ToolingU-SME. Interviewed by Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Jeannine Kunz, the director of Tooling U-SME, about how workforce development is changing in an area where manufacturers struggle to find workers. Learn how ToolingU-SME helps small, medium and large manufacturers prepare a plan to keep their current workers on top of the latest technologies, develop ongoing training plans and ensure they can continue to grow with the workforce they need.

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How Manufacturing Technology is Changing Today

Guest: Debbie Holton, SME Events & Industry Strategy. Interviewed by Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Now talks to Debbie Holton, Director of Industry Strategy & Events at SME, about how manufacturing technology is changing and what that might mean for the future. We also discuss SME’s RAPID event, how the 3D printing industry is changing rapidly and the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. Finally, there’s nothing like a face-to-face event to learn about what’s new, so Holton discusses SME’s upcoming slate of events in North America.

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